AAD B2C Quick Tips: query string parameters


Maybe my idea or use case I came up with was weird and it’s my fault in general but I battled the problem of passing a parameter inside the AAD B2C policy for over a day with no progress at all.

I tried docs, StackOverflow, I’ve read all conversations in Azure Advisors which could give me a hint how to handle it, I cloned the AAD B2C Samples repository and searched it thoroughly.

I’ve applied every combination I found but still my policy was either throwing errors (some handled gracefully, some not) or it was utterly ignoring my efforts to make it do what I wanted it to do (doing nothing or passing the claim resolver ‘code’ as an actual value, completely unresolved)

The breakthrough was sudden and a bit unexpected as I was slowly starting to think there might be something fundamentally wrong with my tenant. I’ll leave my solution for your future reference, maybe it will save someone’s time.

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